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Nothing can quite match the gift of Lingerie

It is romantic, sensuous, and will make your partner feel truly special. You will find that most items on this site make an excellent gift, even if it is to yourself, and all you need know is your partner's sizing. After that simply select from our quality range of beautiful lingerie.

bulletKnow your partner's bra and brief sizing.
All sizing on this site uses the Australian numbering system. If you are from the USA or Europe, click here to find out how to convert from your sizing system. If you are buying a gift for your partner, you may want to check their sizing first. You may simply ask them or find out in other more subtle ways.

bulletChoose something that your partner will also like.
We understand that you will love the lingerie featured here, but make sure you take your partner's tastes into consideration as well. It might even be fun to browse through this web site together so you can carefully take note of what they do and don't like.

bulletBe Daring.
Taking the above comments into consideration, we don't want to discourage you from being a little daring. After all, what is life without a little excitement, and lingerie is meant to be exciting.

Use our easy Bra Size Conversion Chart.

bulletGift Wrapping.
When you order with The Bra Bar, please choose one of our gift wrap styles. We will carefully wrap your gifts and prepare your special message. We will then post your gift out to you or your gift recipient in an Australia Post express post pack. This ensures confidentiality and delivery within 1-3 days in Australia (subject to stock availability)

Many of our international customers find that they can save themselves a considerable amount of money due to the exchange rate differences between Australia and the rest of the world. International deliveries will be dispatched using only quality international couriers.

We accept credit card payments over the phone, by fax, and of course on-line through our SSL 3.0 secure encrypted server.

If you are still nervous about paying via credit card online, then select all your items, fill in the order form up until the final submit button and print out the page. You can then fax this through to us or phone through your order on (08) 9321 8820.

Your credit card transaction will show that you have made a purchase from the Bra Bar. If this is a problem, please call us on (08) 9321 8820 and we will see if we can arrange an alternative for you.

No credit card? If you don't have a credit card then please call and we will happily take a direct deposit, cheque, or postal money order.

It's easy to earn credit towards Products - Find Out How